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Water Color Artist and Philosopher Elaine Frenett

May 21, 2010

Frederick Hale

Just over the mountain in a Hobbit sized valley is nestled a Hobbit sized town called Ashland.  Known for its yearly Shakespearean theatre festival experience, wonderful food and of course Lithia Park, it is also home to various writers and artists.  Now if I were telling a story, which I am, then I would say that the experience of Ashland is both stimulating and enriching, which it is, but to just say that would leave out what I am here to talk to you about, ( Water Colour Artist Elaine Frenett.)

Myself, I am an abstract artist who enjoys using both oil and charcoal.

In my opinion Water colour takes a unique talent that requires a different set of skills, attention to detail, creativity, patience and dimensional proportion.  Elaine Frenett makes all of those disciplines appear easy.

Elaine Frenett

Elaine is always kind and says it just takes time, experimentation and persistence to get it right, however, I have worked with water-colour before and I know it also takes having a natural internal talent and an intuition for form.  Not only is she seamless in her skills as a water colorist but she has a unique way of mounting and presenting her work, after all presentation is everything and how the work hangs needs to be ascetic to the eyes and enhance the art.  Elaine has learned to bring out the special qualities of her work through using origami type exterior folds to create framing and shadow or picture boxes to create an interior landscape effect.  Most amazing to me though is the journal she creates, done in water-colour it is an exquisite  way to keep track of cherished life events and share with generations to come.

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Unassuming in nature Elaine enjoys sharing her talents.  She says the joy she receives from working with water colours is something  to be shared with people of all ages, especially the joy of being able to do it for themselves.

Quick to smile and happy to help, Elaine Frenett.  My hats off to you Elaine.

Elaine may be reached through her website or her blog at

She offers classes and workshops on water-colour painting and her special form of journal creating.

Thank you for for how you give to and enrich the community Elaine.
Frederick Hale

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